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On this page you will find all the relevant information regarding our terms of use, how the website functions, and how we deal with personal data.

W.T.S. Ideefiks reserves the right to alter each of these sections. Alterations to the disclaimer, cookie policy, or privacy policy will be published on this website.

If you have any questions, please contact board@ideefiks.utwente.nl.


Who are we?
W.T.S. Ideefiks (KvK/CoC: 40075458) publishes texts, images, and other materials to https://ideefiks.utwente.nl that have been produced by W.T.S. Ideefiks itself or by third parties.

We can be contacted by email at board@ideefiks.utwente.nl. Our office (room B115) can be found at De Zul 10, 7522 NJ, Enschede, The Netherlands, which in turn can be found on the campus of the University of Twente (Postbus 217, 7500 AE, Enschede).

Since W.T.S. Ideefiks plays a supportive and social role in students’ lives and does not have a profit motive, its various online and offline activities are not focused on data collection, analysis, marketing, or sales. This is reflected in the policies below.

Terms of use
The information on the website is presented as is. Despite great care on our end, it is possible for inaccuracies, incompleteness, or insecurities to exist on the website. For this reason, you cannot derive any rights or obligations based on the information provided on the website.

The website and its various components are the property of the University of Twente, which allows W.T.S. Ideefiks to use this domain. Without written permission from either the University of Twente or W.T.S. Ideefiks, you cannot multiply copyrighted elements or other published information.


The W.T.S. Ideefiks website does not make use of cookies.

Website analysis
Website analysis and optimization are worthwhile activities for more frequently visited websites. The nature of the website and the effort involved with analysis and optimization make for a basic website setup that foregoes the necessity for data-tracking systems.

Privacy-protecting measures
Functionality and data-generating and -gathering activities are very limited on the website. None of these activities generate information that could be linked back to any particular individual. Future alterations and additions will take into account privacy-protecting measures as well.

Your cookie settings
If you prefer that we (or any other website) do not place any cookies on your device, then we recommend that you enable the “Do Not Track” function of your browser. You can also set up your browser’s cookie settings on your own, so that you will know exactly what your browser does with cookies. Depending on your browser, check the Settings, Tools, or Properties tabs and look for the settings on privacy and cookies.


W.T.S. Ideefiks respects the privacy of its visitors and ensures that personal information you provide is dealt with privately, responsibly, and in accordance with the law.

Personal information will not be shared with third parties without written permission. The only possible exception to this rule is a compelling request from the justice department.

How do we collect information?
Membership Forms
Our members fill in a basic membership form that asks for (1) first name, (2) surname, (3) email address, and (4) phone number (optional). This is to ensure that we know how to address and contact our members to keep them up to date on various relevant events and activities.

The main way to contact W.T.S. Ideefiks board members is through email links provided on the website. Contact information, as well the contents of the emails, are kept for as long as they are deemed relevant. There is no particular limit on how long these email communications remain on our servers.

What happens with this information?
The data that W.T.S. Ideefiks collects via the website or other communications are not shared with third parties, unless there is a compelling legal reason to divert from this privacy policy. This concerns all types of information, of any source.

Personal information is used for informing our members of events or activities through emails or newsletters. Every member is free to unsubscribe from the newsletter or to request to be taken out of other mailing lists.

How safe/secure is the website?
The website utilizes encrypted (https) connections. This means that data streams between you and the website are unreadable to outsiders. Aside from that, we ensure proper security protocols in our systems (such as restricting access to hard- and software, as well as keeping up with updates). We also highly encourage everyone to notify us of potential security incidents so we can take steps towards improving our security.

Your rights
You always have the right to have any of your personal information removed that W.T.S. Ideefiks has (e.g. contact information). Simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

However, it is impossible to remove anonymized information, simply because it is impossible to trace which data belongs to any given individual.