Welcome to the digital playground of W.T.S. Ideefiks, the study association for the master programme Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (PSTS) at the University of Twente.

Ideefiks is here for any questions you have or problems you encounter with the study programme. However, Ideefiks is also the perfect place to have some fun! We watch a movie together while enjoying some beers and we often go to downtown Enschede to have a drink at the Bolwerk which frequently ends in partying through the wee hours of the morning. Such nights usually include some philosophical discussion with topics ranging from robotics to why razors for women are pink.

As a note for all prospective students: if there is anything you like to know, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you as a new PSTS-student at the start-of-the-year BBQ!

For more information about Ideefiks, our members, the PSTS master programme, or any other questions you have, drop by at the Ideefiks room in the Cubicus building or send us an email.

You can find our contact information here.

Students, alumni, PhD’s and professors of the PSTS programme, Philosophy department and STePS (Science, Technology and Policy Studies) department of the University of Twente can find each other at W.T.S. Ideefiks. Together, they hang out, socialize, discuss problems, and debate technological issues.

In order to facilitate its members W.T.S. Ideefiks organizes various activities throughout the year. Examples of these are:

  • Monthly drinks at the Bolwerk café in the city centre (Stadsgravenstraat 21);
  • Monthly PhiloFilms, where a movie with philosophical meaning is introduced by a professor or student, watched, and discussed afterwards while enjoying a drink;
  • BBQ-events during the introduction and end of the academic year, a Christmas dinner and other social activities throughout the year;
  • Study trips abroad to cities like Stockholm, Bologna, and Dublin, where you’ll visit companies and universities;
  • Career information days, where you can talk to PSTS graduates and find out how they apply their PSTS background in either academics, government positions, or in private companies.

Ideefiks members will be kept up-to-date about upcoming activities and events via our newsletter. If you wish to receive the newsletter but you are not a member, please send an email to secretary@ideefiks.utwente.nl to request access. 

See you around!